Satellite Installations

Satellite Installation Services

Freesat Satellite Installation

Freesat offers great value for money with many reliable services such as;
190 TV & Radio Channels
11 High Definition Channels
User Friendly TV Guide
On Demand, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5 & You-Tube
Record, Pause, Rewind TV
Series Recording
Up To 500 Hours of Recording (depending on receiver)
Freesat broadcasts in Standard and HD (1080p) resolution. Standard

Freesat receivers will only allow the user to be able to watch TV, but a recordable HD receiver (PVR) will allow the user to be able to, Record, Pause & Rewind TV.

Digital Aerials & Satellites Limited can provide residential & commercial Freesat systems.

Largely Freesat would be installed if normal Digital TV aerial reception is not achievable within your area in cases such as; you live in a rural or built up areas, or you live on the edge of the Digital TV transmissions.

All you require is a satellite dish, cabling and your chosen receivers to each TV location.

We advise not to purchase cheap satellite receivers, especially over the internet.

As experienced Freesat installers we will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your needs. To find out more information on our call us on 0118 941 8788.

Sky TV & Multi-Room Installation

Digital Aerials & Satellites Limited is an authorised Sky TV installer and provide installation solutions for all Sky Services. We can assist with all aspects of installation work which includes;
Single & Multiple dwellings
Satellite dish installations
Satellite dish relocations & re-alignment
Extra satellite receivers
Extra cabling & multi-room.
We can provide your Sky services to other rooms without the need to have additional boxes and expense on top of your monthly subscription, also supply magic eyes & IR senders with remote controls for boxes linked to other rooms to enable you to take full control over your Sky TV when you’re not even in the same room.

Sky TV currently broadcast 400+ channels which include TV and radio stations including High Definition channels.

We are experienced in discreet installation of dishes, cabling and satellite receivers so they are not visible to the eye (where possible) but still deliver full control and picture quality/resolution. Also we can also spray-paint satellite dishes to help blend in with your surrounding areas, offer 3 choices of cabling colour, chase cabling into walls or fit a conduit which also has a variety of colours to ensure discreet & tidy installation.

As you may be aware new Sky+ HD receivers have recently been changed which doesn’t allow these to be linked to another room with ease. As your local Sky installers we can provide a fast and efficient installation service. Call us today to discuss your needs as we are able to provide you with a solution without the need for additional multi-room receivers.

On Demand services & catch-up TV can be obtained through Sky with an Ethernet cable or Ethernet wireless devices connecting directly into your broadband router even if your Sky receiver is not in the same location.

European Satellite Dish Installations

Digital Aerials & Satellites Limited specialise in installation of European Satellite Systems.
Firstly it’s very important to know which Satellite channels you require in order for us to help you make the right choice of system. For example are they free-to-air or encrypted (subscription), are they German, French, Arabic, Italian channels etc…

When we Install European Satellite Systems we will advise you on the size of the satellite dish you will require for your chosen system, also planning permission guidelines.

This is particularly important as there are certain guidelines you need to adhere to because of planning permission. In most cases there is no planning permission required, but we advise you to follow correct and relevant guidelines from your local council.

Planning a satellite system usually requires us to survey your property first; this is to ensure that we can carry out the installation and check that the satellite signal is not obstructed by; buildings, trees or other objects. Also we need to ascertain your exact requirements.

There are a lot of products available to you on the current market in order for you to obtain the exact channels you require which we can advise you on, especially when it comes to definition of picture quality. High Definition Recordable Satellite Receivers (PVR) are now widely available to you as well as Standard Definition.

We only supply quality products which are designed to give you the best sound/picture quality for all your needs. There are certain internet based products available to you which we can install if you already own these, but we can only advise you to use our certified products as we are unable to guarantee products that are not approved or supplied by our company.

Please contact us for further information.