Commercial Services

IRS (Integrated Reception Services)

IRS stands for “Integrated Reception Systems” IRS offers Landlords, Building developers and property agents a whole range of service options and is very cost effective. IRS provides; Freeview, Sky/Sky+/HD, Freesat, FM & DAB radio services to the Residents at each dwelling.

IRS is now one of the most common Installation procedures for new developments or simply to upgrade existing premises, as all of these services can be achieved from a single TV aerial, Satellite dish, FM & DAB antenna.

As you may be aware, the popularity of Sky+/HD, Freesat & European Satellite services in the UK is growing by the day, you can add additional satellite services such as European TV to an IRS system to provide services to different nationalities to all residents in each dwelling.

A typical IRS system with multiple Satellites will use (SKY/FREESAT) 28.2 degrees, (Astra1) 19 degrees, (Hotbird) 13 degrees East.

Have you ever looked closely at an existing block of flats and seen multiple TV aerials and Satellite dishes? If you have you will know how unsightly this can appear. If you have an existing building with Satellite Dishes we can have all these removed and put an IRS system in place and remove all these unsightly and unnecessary Aerials & Satellites.

IRS can be Designed & Installed on any type of premises from a small block of 4 apartments through to much larger systems with 300+ dwellings.

Fibre Optic Installations

FIBRE OPTIC has been around for many years although not many people know about this or the benefits. Fibre Optic has been used mainly for Internet & Telephone Data communications.

Fibre Optic has been used in TV/Satellite for a long time, but because of the cost it hasn’t been used largely within our industry until now.

Fibre Optic has outstanding capability to travel over very long distances without compromising signal loss. Coaxial cabling of even the highest specification cannot compete with distances in which Fibre Optic can achieve.

When using Fibre Optic, signals are carried as a beam of light, it does not conduct electrical Interference that even the best available coaxial cable may suffer, and cables can be safely run alongside mains power.

Here is a typical example of Fibre Optic VS Coaxial cable;

You can have a CT/WF100 coaxial cable run of 50-80 meters with a loss of (approx 10-15dB) it may require amplification.

Then you can have a Single mode Fibre Optical cable of 10 km without hardly compromising any signal loss. (approx 0.3dB) per Km.

MATV (Master Antenna Television)

MATV stands for “Master Antenna Television” MATV is a system that offers residents; Freeview and Radio services only, this type of system is usually found in older communal flats or apartments, but they are also installed to new premises if this is the only services you would prefer to offer.

If you were considering upgrading any communal block of flats it is advised that a full sight survey is executed to establish all requirements such as, Aerial & Satellite location, cabling routes, power available, number of dwellings etc…

Please call our office to discuss all available options and we can arrange a site survey.