Sky TV Installation Service In Reading


Sky is a company that provides television and internet services, fixed line and mobile telephones services to consumers that may be individuals and businesses all over the United Kingdom.

Its main services include digital terrestrial television, video on demand, game consoles for the play station, sky broadband and sky mobile. And its main products include Sky Digibox, Sky+, Sky+ HD, Sky 3D, Sky Q and 4K UHD.

How to install Sky TV in your home?

  1. Sky TV Engineers

If you choose an engineer to install Sky at your home from amongst Sky’s professional engineers, they will first discuss with you the best location for your satellite dish and the routing of cables from your Sky box. Some cables will be taken from outside your house and holes will be drilled in the walls of your house to allow cable access to your satellite dish. Any internal tables are attached to the board.

After setting up the equipment, the engineer will ensure you are receiving your TV picture and sound and will test the new equipment in front of you. These steps are taken according to Sky’s Health and Safety Regulations.

  1. Self-install

Self-installation is easy if there is already a working dish at your new home and the cables go to all the rooms you want.

Why should you choose Digital Aerials & satellites?

Sky does not authorise independent installers to install Sky boxes, but still, some people experience and find that the installation that Sky provides is a bit unprofessional. This is why they choose DAS Aerial & Satellites to install the system for them. They install the dish and cabling so that the Sky engineer just comes in and plug them into the Sky box.

Get in touch for advice on any type of digital aerial or satellites for your home or business, we’ll be happy to help. Call 0118 941 8788 or email:

Digital Aerials & Satellites limited

Few difficult locations exist within Reading with localized tree obstructions and some high rise buildings. Once a signal test is carried out by one of their digital aerial installers, they can advise more clearly as to which transmitter is working better at your location to ensure the most trouble-free viewing.

Their aerial installers are professional experts and can repair existing systems that are already being used as well as new digital aerial installations.

Satellite Installation

Digital Aerials & staellites are approved agents of Sky TV and can supply their equipment to new customers of Sky network. Their installers specialize in tackling difficult situations such as non- sky standard installations either where sending a team of their engineers is not possible for Sky network themselves or where a very discerning dish installation is required.

Digital Aerials & Satellites

This company has been serving in the United Kingdom for over 45 years now.

Their main services include digital Freeview aerial installation and repair, additional television points, Bespoke Sky and Freesat installation and repair, TV wall mounting and installation, Communal and domestic multipoint distribution systems, etc.